Colours of Tasmania
We live in Northern Tasmania near beaches and rolling farmlands. I love to spin, dye and weave Tasmanian alpaca and merino yarns. I use ethically produced merino wool from a stud at Evendale that does not mulse the ewes nor dock the tails of the lambs. Although I do use chemical dyes at times I am experimenting with natural dyes as well.
I have been a silk painter for many years and several years ago I discovered that you can print onto silk with local leaves and foliage. An indigo vat is to be the next experiment. I plan to weave uncoloured fabric and shabori dye it in the vat. Ikat dyeing is another technique that I am experimenting with. this is where you dye the warp chains before weaving to create a specific result in the woven fabric.
You can find us at the Deloraine market on the first Saturday of the month.
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