Colours of Tasmania
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My custom made service allows you to have a fully fitted vest made to your exact measurements. I use the measurement chart to make a calico pattern that is tacked together for fitting. When you receive this by post I can then use Skype or Messenger to see it fitted. Any adjustments needed are marked on the calico pattern. Once I have a customised pattern I can determine the amount of fabric I will need to weave. I may already have a suitable fabric or yarns already finished but it could take at least two weeks to spin and dye specific colours and a further week to weave the cloth. Costs and time to complete will vary depending on the choice of yarn and lining material. The prices for each combination are shown in the table below. Using a combination of hand dyed millspun and hand spun can reduce costs. I can also use just hand dyed millspun yarn to weave the cloth.